Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Rosemarie Auberson

Every once and a while you discover people beyond the limelight who have more influence than meets the eye. Without Plaudits or accolades, these people are the vision behind influential styles and creations. Meet Rosemarie - one of these people.

I first came across Rosemarie’s work through OFR in Paris & I fell in love with her beautiful collage work. The way that she places colours and images together is undoubtedly inspiring to me.

But besides collage , Rosemarie is also a talented illustrator & art director.Her past projects have included illustrations for Hermès & Givenchy along with art direction for Ringo Atelier & collage landscape prints for Rachel Comey’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

I was completely honoured & grateful that Rosemarie had time to answer my questions so I could share them with you ….To me she is a creative genius.
Thanks for inspiring me Rosemarie !!

You were born in Switzerland, but you moved to Paris when you were 20?

Yes I was 20. I moved to Paris to study applied arts and I specialised in graphic design and art direction.

How would you best describe what you do?

Art direction, illustration, collages, graphic design.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Being curious, staying “awake”, being inspired by daily life. Working at home as often as possible as it gives me a lot of freedom.

What has been your most creative or fun project so far?

I can’t say, maybe my personal project for kids Ringo Atelier ( it is a creative online workshop for kids. It was really fun creating this project from A to Z. Everyone was very enthusiastic and I met really nice people and I am still working with them.

You do the most beautiful illustrations, would you say that illustration is something that you enjoy more than other areas of your work or do you enjoy all aspects?

Thank you! No I enjoy all areas of my work, because for me my ideal is to have variation. If I only worked doing illustration it would be less pleasurable for me.. But I must admit that it is not always easy to switch from one to another.

Do you have any hobbies/interests? Or collect anything?

Images! Magazines can’t stop buying them (Apartamento, Gentlewoman…). The Internet saved me, so now I am addicted to blogs, tumblr.

Favourite places in the world?

Japan… for the food, culture, traditions, smells & the approach to nature. ….& the seaside.

Do you feel that living in Paris inspires your work in any way? & Is there a good support network of creative types?

I wouldn’t be able to do what I do in Switzerland. There are so many more possibilities in Paris. But because I have lived here for a while now I can’t tell if Paris inspires my work. But you can find inspiration in exhibitions, bookshops, new places and restaurants, so Paris is a good place for that. And of course there are a lot of inspiring and creative people who live here.

Favourite Book? Favourite movie?

Fitzgerald’s books, I can’t choose between Tender is the night and The Great Gatsby. It’s too difficult to choose only one movie…Terence Malick (Badlands, Days of Heaven…) Michelangelo Antonioni for his use of beautiful imagery. American movies from the 70s (The Graduate, Dog Days Afternoon, 3 days of the Condor…) Woody Allen’s old movies. French director Maurice Pialat’s movie À nos Amours. I recently saw Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn and it was really good too.

I see your aesthetic as dreamy & simplistic – what do you think your aesthetic is?

Minimalist maybe ? I am always searching for the simplest solution, so it becomes a bit minimalist.

(If you would like to see more of Rosemarie’s work check out her website)

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


A first look at our AW12 collection, Just Kids

Hannah from Capture the Castle wrote a lovely review we wanted to share with you...

"The weather has immediately made me think of Amy Kaehne's new collection for autumn/winter. The collection is a series of perfect juxtapositions - masculine and feminine, young and sophisticated. It's all in the two-tone jumper. It's all in the pairing of a beautiful hand-knitted silk sweater, artisanal and dainty, with a pair of hard-work cord trousers with deep pockets and cuffs turned up. I can't help but picture some of these things in my winter wardrobe next season. The oversized tweedy grey wrap coat, perfect over a rust-coloured sweater and a silky maxi skirt. The grey sweater with contrast navy blue neck, the perfect foil to tapered navy blue trousers and a man-style parka. The corduroy pants with a silky button down and a perfect burgundy coat. Perfect. I love this collection. A lot. It's that perfect cold-weather disposition distilled into clothing. Imagine yourself wrapped up in that corduroy jacket with contrast pockets, a big knit scarf and a pair of your comfiest pants, bowl of steaming hot soup in hand. Or the little Velvet dress with a twist tie paired with some beaten-in ankle boots, cross-legged in front of cups of milky tea and freshly baked bread. All those warm smells and warm food and warm things - what would winter be without its matching partners of tweed and wool and corduroy? They are classic french staples, but with an antipodean twist. It's a little more careless, a little more slouchy, a little more casual. Exactly how I like my clothes. I've already got my eye on the black/grey coat and the grey knit. I can't believe I'm thinking so far ahead for my wardrobe planning, but there you go. Add the Thursday Sunday two-tone sweater and you have at least three things I will be hunting down next season. Oh, but I wish I could have them now! It would be so perfect to wear them today, over a long black skirt with ballet flats. 

Why can't it be winter all year long?" 

Review by Capture the Castle, images from Badlands