Tuesday, 20 December 2011


A first look at our AW12 collection, Just Kids

Hannah from Capture the Castle wrote a lovely review we wanted to share with you...

"The weather has immediately made me think of Amy Kaehne's new collection for autumn/winter. The collection is a series of perfect juxtapositions - masculine and feminine, young and sophisticated. It's all in the two-tone jumper. It's all in the pairing of a beautiful hand-knitted silk sweater, artisanal and dainty, with a pair of hard-work cord trousers with deep pockets and cuffs turned up. I can't help but picture some of these things in my winter wardrobe next season. The oversized tweedy grey wrap coat, perfect over a rust-coloured sweater and a silky maxi skirt. The grey sweater with contrast navy blue neck, the perfect foil to tapered navy blue trousers and a man-style parka. The corduroy pants with a silky button down and a perfect burgundy coat. Perfect. I love this collection. A lot. It's that perfect cold-weather disposition distilled into clothing. Imagine yourself wrapped up in that corduroy jacket with contrast pockets, a big knit scarf and a pair of your comfiest pants, bowl of steaming hot soup in hand. Or the little Velvet dress with a twist tie paired with some beaten-in ankle boots, cross-legged in front of cups of milky tea and freshly baked bread. All those warm smells and warm food and warm things - what would winter be without its matching partners of tweed and wool and corduroy? They are classic french staples, but with an antipodean twist. It's a little more careless, a little more slouchy, a little more casual. Exactly how I like my clothes. I've already got my eye on the black/grey coat and the grey knit. I can't believe I'm thinking so far ahead for my wardrobe planning, but there you go. Add the Thursday Sunday two-tone sweater and you have at least three things I will be hunting down next season. Oh, but I wish I could have them now! It would be so perfect to wear them today, over a long black skirt with ballet flats. 

Why can't it be winter all year long?" 

Review by Capture the Castle, images from Badlands

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