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Jordan Sullivan is a NYC based artist. despite the fact that all of his photographs are amazing, I initially fell in love with the essence of Americana he has portrayed, it felt as though I was transported back in time , and riding shotgun with Dean Moriarty on Route 66.
His photos are made of pure captivation.
I was fortunate enough to have him answer a few of my questions...

You were born in Houston, Texas …do you feel that this is reflected in your

I was only in Houston when I was very little, but Texas is definitely in my blood - both my parents grew up there, and much of my family is there. I lived in central Texas last year. Texas is a really complex and diverse state geographically, and I think my work was definitely influenced by the light and the landscapes and the openness of that place.
How would you best describe what you do?
Love letters to people and places
What do you enjoy most about your work?
Creating it
What has been your most creative or fun project so far?
My upcoming solo show Natural History at Underline Gallery in NYC
Your photography has a nomadic portrayal to it … is this intentional?
Not really, but I like the association. So much of what I do is about documenting wherever I am in my life at a particular time, and then arranging it to explore some sort of emotion or idea. I grew up in a lot of disparate places, and have spent a great deal of my twenties roaming around. I always shoot more when I'm on the road.
Do you have any hobbies/interests? Or collect anything?
I really love basketball and I've played in a lot of bands over the years. I used to collect coins when I was little, too. Collecting is something inherent in photography, whether I'm collecting moments or just keeping a record of what I saw. My photography is very much influenced by family albums and that whole idea of collecting a personal history. Family albums are often chronological, but they are still curate, they are arrangements meant to explore time and place. A lot of what I do stems from this basic notion. I heard someone once describe my work as somewhere between a family album and Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I kind of like that. So much of what I do uses personal history to explore something spiritual or collective. 
Favourite places in the world?
Deserts and beaches.
Do you feel that living in NYC inspires your work in anyway? & Is there a good
support network of creative types?

The people more than the city have inspired me. I have some really great friends and a girlfriend here who I would be lost without. Most of everything I make is with my family and friends in mind. I really believe in unconditional love - as difficult as it can be to put into practice. I believe in the idea of family, whether biological or otherwise. Life is so weird and rough and abstract. I believe people should hold onto one another. I've seen people go through these horrific periods alone and it is so devastating to watch. I think having the support of people, whether for my art or just in life, is the only way I've gotten through all the bummer times. 
Favourite Book? Favourite movie?
Book - Song of Silent Snow by Hubert Selby.
Movie - A Page of Madness by Teinosuke Kinugasa

What’s your favourite photo of all time?
A picture of Van Gogh (or at least who they believe to be Van Gogh). I saw it in Amsterdam. It's one of only two or three photographs of him I believe. The image sits so well next to the mystery behind him. In the picture he is sitting alone, with his back to the camera, outside this deary cafe. It's a really bleak and beautiful image. 
How do you feel about the death of film?
The more film recedes into the background the more a subculture will develop around who will continue to push it's boundaries. I only shoot film, though I have nothing against digital or photoshop. If Man Ray were around today I'm sure he'd use photoshop. Computers are modern dark rooms (with limitations of course), but they've opened up a lot of new directions.
Thank you Jordan !

Please check out Jordan's website for more info

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